Congratulations to environmental journalists Elizabeth Grossman, Phil McKenna and Edward Struzik for writing Ensia feature stories that received a “Notable” mention in the 2015 edition of The Best American Science and Nature Writing.

Grossman was included in the book’s “Other Notable Science and Nature Writing of 2014” section for “Banned in Europe, safe in the US,” which explores why different countries regulate chemicals differently. The feature story has been viewed online more than 350,000 times and helped launch Ensia’s popular Health content category.

McKenna’s feature, “New life for the artificial leaf,” describes the quest for technologies that look to plants for clues on how to efficiently capture the sun’s energy. In addition to garnering substantial attention at Ensia, the piece was republished by several outlets, including the popular online news outlet Quartz.

“The end and beginning of the Arctic,” which won Struzik recognition, brings together diverse reports of climate-induced changes at the top of the world into a single, comprehensive exploration of important environmental and political implications. The piece was also featured in Ensia’s 2016 print annual.

The three ranked with pieces published in The New Yorker, Scientific American, National Geographic and other widely acclaimed periodicals. Ensia is proud to share the work of these exceptional contributors and to encourage and support excellence in science writing. View Ensia homepage