As the planet warms, people around the world are turning to air conditioning to keep cool, thus driving up energy demand. But what if there’s an alternative to all those buzzing AC units? What if we could rely on “natural” air conditioning to minimize energy use?

In this video produced by Green Renaissance, architect Anders Nyquist takes us to a school in Timrå, Sweden, that keeps cool and warm by mimicking the flow of air through anthills and termite mounds.

The concept, known as “termite ventilation,” brings air from below the school and funnels it up through the structure, where it circulates and is finally released through vents in the roof. As an added bonus, the system also flushes carbon dioxide and airborne toxins from the school.

As Nyquist says toward the end of the video, “If we want to change the world, we need good examples. Then you can show people what is possible.”