Today we’re proud to announce the launch of Ensia Edge, a new multimedia storytelling platform, with a story by veteran journalist Peter Dykstra. “Forewarned” focuses on dogged reporters and media outlets that shine a light on looming environmental disasters — often years in advance of these issues garnering mainstream recognition — and explains why it behooves us to listen to such reporting while we still have time to do something about it.

As the piece explains, “both environmental reporting and the science that backs it up are now old enough to have a history — and that history is overwhelmingly strong. When published warnings get ignored, the damages can often be measured in destroyed ecosystems, lost lives, impaired health and billions of dollars of costs. Which means that paying attention to the warnings we receive today could make a big difference tomorrow.”

Edge offers us the opportunity to tell important, media-rich stories on an immersive platform that brings the stories to life in a new way. We invite you to explore “Forewarned” and let us know what you think, both of the story and of the Edge platform.

We also invite you to share your own suggestions for environmental reporting we should heed using the hashtag #FOREWARNED and tagging @ensiamedia on social media. Shining a light on stories that affect people’s lives in such dramatic ways is more important now than ever. View Ensia homepage