If knowledge is power, global conservation just got a chance to bulk up big-time with the publication of Conservation Biology for All, a top-tier textbook edited by Navjot Sodhi and Paul Ehrlich, published by Oxford University Press and made available as a free download to anyone in the world with an Internet connection.

“If a book could receive a standing ovation — this one is a candidate,” writes a reviewer in the journal Ecology. “Sodhi and Ehrlich have created a comprehensive introduction to conservation biology that is accessible intellectually, and financially, to a broad audience — indeed it is conservation biology for all.”

The content was written by world-renowned conservation leaders, including one chapter on habitat destruction by William Laurance and another on climate change by Thomas Lovejoy. Read a summary and download a PDF or buy a print copy at Mongabay.com. Photo by Lars Veldscholte (Flickr | Creative Commons)