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Katarina Zimmer

Science and environment journalist
Katarina Zimmer is science and environment journalist covering many facets of the living world, from the inner mechanics of genes and cells and the roots of health and disease to the evolution of species and the vibrant ecosystems they form. She also documents the mounting threats to our planet’s oceans, forests and climate — and ways to protect them.

Her work has appeared in The Atlantic, Knowable Magazine, BBC, National Geographic, Undark, Scientific American, Grist, and elsewhere. She also writes for professional audiences about the nitty-gritty of scientific research in publications including The Scientist, Proto Magazine, and Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News.

The Ultimate Incubator,” her 2021 cover story for IEEE Spectrum about efforts to develop an artificial placenta to help premature infants survive, was a finalist for the US National Institute for Health Care Management Foundation’s annual trade journalism awards. Her 2019 story for National Geographic about how felling forests can spark new infectious disease outbreaks featured in John Oliver’s Last Week Tonight episode on pandemics, and one of her articles about inherited behaviors in nematode worms was retweeted by the rapper MC Hammer.


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