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Anja Krieger

Freelance journalist
Anja Krieger is a freelance journalist based in Berlin, Germany. She reports on the environment, technology and culture for radio, online and print media. Anja is a 2015–16 Knight Science Journalism Fellow at MIT and holds a graduate degree in cultural sciences.


  • RT @HDR_Inc: Mark Roberts weighs in on landfill mining in the latest issue of @ensiamedia. Did you know landfill mining lowers g… https://t.co/548OXc67Nq
  • RT @MikeAugustyniak: It’s @ensiamedia’s #EnsiaLive! Tonight’s panel discussion is about people of different ideologies finding common gr… https://t.co/0B3aD5WYxe
  • RT @FreshEnergy: .@UMNIonE @ensiamedia @BenjiBacker “We can build strong economies and businesses with clean energy. There is time.” #IPCCReport #renewables
  • Last word from both #EnsiaLive panelists: "Vote!" @ckw583 @BenjiBacker
  • RT @jacob_herbers: Difficult for some to understand how lower class communities are more affected than most by environmental damages,… https://t.co/kxnFgnYZ8p
  • “I’m hoping the environment can be a bridging issue for both sides” @BenjiBacker #EnsiaLive
  • RT @e_borer: Having a conversation about the environment where you disagree requires humility and willingness to listen, not jus… https://t.co/51wcvDGfKP
  • We need to teach kids how to have conversations with people who disagree with them @ckw583 #EnsiaLive
  • RT @e_borer: If you want people to take action, you need to help them understand how climate change will impact them, personally. #EnsiaLive @UMNIonE
  • RT @jacob_herbers: Discussion on how we need to have a level playing field by eliminating subsidies across the board, while still enco… https://t.co/QceZLgeOaC

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