The world is facing a global poaching crisis. But who are the people on the front lines pulling the trigger? And why are they killing so many endangered species at such an alarming rate?

This video takes viewers to Nepal where we meet Dhan and Suklal Bahadur — two poachers convicted of killing a greater one-horned rhinoceros, also know as the Indian rhinoceros — the second largest land mammal by weight after the elephant.

At present the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List has this species listed as “vulnerable,” with a little over 2,000 animals left in the wild.

This video, featuring people responsible for illegally killing wildlife, adds an important piece to the discussion of this global issue. Understanding the motivations of poachers like Suklal and Dhan Bahadur, along with stepped up enforcement of anti-poaching efforts and campaigns to reduce the purchase of wildlife parts, is critical to preventing further poaching in Nepal and elsewhere. View Ensia homepage