According to the World Bank, each year we throw away close to 2 billion metric tons (2.2 billion tons) of trash globally. By 2100, experts predict daily waste production around the world could triple.

As we’ve reported previously at Ensia, our throwaway culture is exposing people to toxic chemicals, increasing greenhouse gas emissions, impacting food security and clogging our oceans with plastic trash.

But what if we took the time to fix broken household items instead?

The Club de Reparadores — or “Fixers Club” — in Argentina is doing just that by showing local communities how to fix everyday objects during daylong gatherings.

It’s a small step, but the group, which now includes three independent sister clubs, hopes to expand to other communities in Argentina and Uruguay over the coming years.

Leandro Motta and Myriam Selhi — multimedia journalists and producers based in Argentina — created this video. The duo’s main focus with their work involves getting to the heart of social, environmental and cultural issues that affect local communities and letting those stories tell themselves. View Ensia homepage