As our recent multimedia series by journalist Mary Catherine O’Connor points out, microfiber pollution is a growing problem around the world, with miniature contaminants shed by synthetic textiles being found in our food, our water and the air we breathe.

What’s a concerned citizen to do?

This video offers some idea on how we can take action on an individual basis — trapping fibers before they enter wastewater streams, or not buying clothing that’s likely to release microfibers. But it also proposes a more enduring solution: moving the locus of responsibility upstream to clothing and textile designers and manufacturers.

In the words of Story of Stuff campaigns director Stiv Wilson, “You’ve got to tackle problems at the source, and change the system.”

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As synthetic microfibers infiltrate food, water and air, how can we prevent future release?

This video and those in parts one and two of the series were shot and edited by Andy Miller and Robin Moore of Plus M Productions and produced by Mary Catherine O’Connor.