“Imagine it is 2030, and we now live in a world in which the transition to a just and sustainable post-carbon society has occurred. There is now real hope that runaway climate change will be avoided. How did this happen?” The Melbourne Sustainable Society Institute, University of Melbourne and the Centre for Policy Development set out to answer this ambitious question in a recently published report outlining large-scale, post-carbon economy transition strategies. The authors begin by striking a hopeful tone, stating, “From Germany to California … the United Kingdom to China, the global momentum for implementation of large scale de-carbonisation strategies is rapidly accelerating.” But they also pull no punches in outlining existing challenges such as climate science denial, the influence of the fossil fuel industry, political paralysis, unsustainable consumption of energy and more. Download the report to see the complete list of solutions for overcoming these political and social challenges. Photo by GianLuu (Flickr | Creative Commons)