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How one small change could reduce your food waste

  • Infographic Design byAnna Egelhoff
  • Research and Writing byDanny Lindholm
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We often don’t give much attention to the food we consume. Grabbing a bite on the go or chowing down a meal are automatic actions based largely on appealing flavors and rumbles in our stomachs. Similarly, we often don’t give much attention to the food we waste — which, annually, weighs close to 4.5 times the combined weight of every human being on the planet.

When we waste food, we not only throw out perfectly edible calories, we also squander the land, water, energy, labor capital and environmental damage it embodies.

What can we do to reduce this huge problem? New research suggests that simply shrinking the size of the plates and cups we use can drastically curtail environmental, nutritional and monetary costs of food waste. View Ensia homepage

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