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Can Insects Feed A Hungry Planet?

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Around the world two billion people eat insects on a regular basis. The current hotbeds — or should we say, hot pots — of consumption include Latin America, central Africa and Southeast Asia. As we look for new ways to feed a burgeoning global population, will entomophagy spread to other corners of the globe?

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  • Davy Jan. 1st, 2015
    Insects can feed the planet, but we must make them look attractive! And it is possible, look at that : www.bugs-cafe.com
  • laura Sep. 8th, 2015
    i would like to us your infographic as an educational poster for a teaching kitchen.
    please let me know if this is possible - you've done a great job depicting all the necessary information

    thank you
  • Fred Apr. 17th, 2018
    My students are eating bugs in class in may and should all eat them
  • larry Apr. 17th, 2018
    No Way! ours are too!
  • Mike Apr. 17th, 2018
    There should be more resteraunts with bugs.
  • Anthony Jan. 23rd, 2020
    insects are gross and can carry diseases that can harm humans
  • Mr. Kandarajan Gopalakrishna Mar. 31st, 2020
    I think insects are very tasty (I like the crunchy crickets). They taste so good. Like fresh vegetables like broccoli, carrots, beans, and more. Please change your mind.
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