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Mawada Bahah

Syrian freelance journalist
Mawada Bahah is a Syrian freelance journalist focusing on environmental issues who lives in Damascus, Syria. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism at Damascus University.

Mawada began her work in the field of media in 2006, when she worked for a number of Syrian newspapers and local media on issues of economy, women, society and art, and wrote dozens of stories about Syrians.

At a later stage, Mawada moved to work in the regional media, and worked with Al-Jazeera channel, the Al-Ruya newspaper and the “Emirates Times” website. In parallel, she assumed leading editorial positions in the Syrian media, where she headed the editor-in-chief of Al-Iqtisadis Syria magazine and the Watan Online website, and managed programs on the local Fun Damascus radio.

After the outbreak of the war in Syria, Mawadda decided to work as an independent journalist away from the intense Syrian political polarization and began her career in environmental investigative journalism. She produced several investigative reports and in-depth stories on environmental issues that were marginalized during the war, and environmental journalism became her main focus.


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